3 Most popular entertainment events of the year

When you think of gambling by placing bets, most people think of horse racing or sports events. But the landscape is changing, and more people are now betting on other forms of entertainment like reality TV shows such as survivor and American Idols. Even the Grammies is being seen as a go-to for punters looking for more diverse action when placing their bets. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular entertainment betting events that are currently drawing in most of the bets. 

The Bachelor 

The Bachelor is one of the most popular running TV shows at the moment, and people are increasingly placing bets on certain outcomes of the show. In recent years, it has become somewhat of a commodity in the world of entertainment betting. The increase in these entertainment-type wagers has no doubt drawn brand new bookmakers into the betting scene.  

The Bachelor is a TV show based around the main character that dates a number of people in the hopes of finding “the one”.  Groups of eligible women are eliminated over the course of the season as the bachelor narrows down his choice for proposing to one of them at the end.

Websites offering Reality TV betting have grown significantly over the years, and initially, you could only bet on which lady would receive the “Final Rose” at the end and become the bride. As the interest grew in betting on these TV shows nowadays, you can bet on a whole range of events during the season of the show. You can place a bet on who will be next to go home or even what colour tie or shirt the bachelor will wear on his next appearance.  


The Survivor TV show must be one of the most popular and longest-running reality TV shows of all time. With the first episode airing in May of 2000, the series has been running ever since and is more popular than ever.  It’s a fairly simple concept, there is a group of people “stranded” on an island, and they are tasked with doing what it takes to survive. They can build up alliances with one another to help accomplish certain tasks; this naturally creates drama within the tribes they are placed in, and people soon turn on each other when they are forced to vote people out of their tribes and send them home. 

The most popular bets, of course, will be placed on who will be the ultimate winner at the end of the show, but other bets can include who will be next to be voted off of the show. It’s, of course, impossible to know for sure who will win. Some of the factors that the punters look at are the different personality types of the contestants, and on every show, there is a new environment to take into consideration. In some shows, there are returning contestants that can mix up the odds based on their previous performance. 

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is one of the reality TV shows that made it into the American mainstream during the boom of early 2000s reality TV shows. Unlike many of the others that didn’t make it Dancing with the Stars is still enjoying a strong fan base and is still as popular as ever. This makes it a hotbed for entertainment wagering as the show offers some exciting betting opportunities for those looking to place bets on something other than sports. 

The concept is quite simple, celebrities who have minimal dancing experience will team up with a professional dancer and practice with them to compete in a series of “dance-offs” over the course of the show. This no doubt makes for some entertaining TV moments and, of course, exciting and fun betting opportunities. The most popular bets to be placed, of course, will be to choose the winner who receives the coveted “Mirror Ball” at the end of the season. As the season progresses and the dancers receive votes from the judges, the odds will ultimately change. Other popular bets include whether the winner will be male or female, and you can even bet on what colour dresses they will wear on their next appearance.  


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