Apple TV Will Soon Be Available On Google Tv And Android Devices

In a bid to popularize the Apple TV and Apple Tv Plus streaming services, Apple has announced that the Apple Tv app will soon be made available on Google Tv and Android devices.

Most televisions and streaming devices now support Apple TV+ service, either via the website or the app. The Apple TV app is soon coming to Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV early in 2021.

This going through could mark the end to the most well-known tech rivalry between Apple and Google. The two platforms will now launch and support each other’s services. Not only that, this would enable users to get more options on devices. The Chromecast with Google TV is the latest streaming stick from Google that is available in the US currently. Apple TV+ service (and its app) is, however, available in several countries.

The Apple TV app will work on Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV similar to how it does on other platforms, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Samsung’s smart televisions.

The app features a catalogue of all Apple TV+ content, including original programming, documentaries, and movies. The content of Apple TV+ streaming service will be consolidated into Google TV’s curation system that suggests programmes to users based on their before seen and interests.

In addition to the streaming content, users of Chromecast will also be able to access the iTunes library of movies and Tv shows that was purchased along with Apple Tv channels that they have subscribed for.

Although the exact date of when this will happen is unclear, both Google and Apple has announced that the app will arrive early next year.

This is a big move for both Google and Apple considering their history and being competitors to come together to provide a better and more enhanced experience for their customers.

Previously, Google Assistant gained support for Apple Music on Nest and Home speakers, allowing the users of smart speakers to play songs and radio stations on Apple Music. Apple Music services are also available on Amazon Alexa, so the integration of Apple’s services is getting wider than ever before. But there still does exist some stipulations to avail these services on other platforms.