Top gadgets for your kitchen that you should have

There is nothing like a trendy kitchen gadget to make cooking significantly more fun, even though we all have well-used kitchen necessities.

Practically speaking, helpful equipment can not only alter the way you cook but also save you time and money, especially if you select a multipurpose piece of equipment. This selection of the greatest kitchen tools, chosen for their excellence, affordability, and general ingenuity, is the result of our testing and evaluation.

Discover 30 of the greatest and brightest new kitchen gadgets to buy in 2022, regardless of your budget or kitchen size, from intelligently designed budget buys that demonstrate you don’t have to break the bank to acquire a wonderful kitchen gadget to multi-functional machines that outperform in their versatility.

Top gadgets for your kitchen that you should have

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Mini Spatula

A cheap mini silicone spatula is a highly practical kitchen utensil because it is small yet mighty. Use it for a variety of things, including custard, melting chocolate, and extracting every last drop from a jar.


This handy kitchen tool will spare you the hassle of tedious chopping and is both cost-effective and useful. It has extremely sharp tiny blades. To get perfectly julienned strips of goodness, simply drag it along the vegetables as if peeling them.

Chopping Board Accessories

Our preferred set of chopping boards out of all the ones we tried is this one from Joseph Joseph. With 4 slots for four boards and a “library” stacker style, it has a modern appearance and saves space. Additionally, each has non-slip feet, which is a lovely addition.

Mini Chopper

The nicest part about having a mini chopper on hand in the kitchen is that it takes up very little room. Despite being put through a number of tests, this KitchenAid model consistently generated a flawlessly smooth curry paste.


This KitchenAid is as slick-looking as it is potent, earning it the title of the best blender to keep on the counter. This blender is a true workhorse; it breezed through every one of our tests.

Air fryer

Useful? Tick. Cool? Tick. Air fryers are a versatile appliance that uses little to no oil to achieve a similar texture to deep-frying. This Ninja model requires no oil and doubles as a health grill for any meat or vegetable cooking.

Hand mixer

Although it has the appearance of a typical hand mixer, the Breville HeatSoft has an internal warmer that is perfect for thawing out butter when you’ve forgotten to take it out of the fridge. We also adore the storage container.

Mixing bowl set

If you enjoy cooking, a set of mixing bowls is an absolute necessity. These nested bowls from Joseph Joseph have a good selection of sizes and take up very little room. Even measuring cups are available.

Knife Set

One bread knife, one cook’s knife, and one paring knife should be included in every person’s knife collection. In our tests, this set from the incredibly Instagrammable brand Our Place wowed us and looks amazing too.

Portable espresso maker

A single shot of espresso with something like a smooth, full-bodied flavor and a thick crema top is produced by this small, practical device. We adore how handy this espresso maker is, suitable for use both at home and on the move.