How to create a malware using notepad?

A computer virus is a harmful application that is installed on a user’s computer and performs malicious actions without the user’s permission. Take a look at the most effective methods for creating a computer virus, which is as follows:

How to create a dangerous virus?

1. To begin, open Notepad in your Windows operating system.
2. Copy and paste the code below into your notepad window.
3. Save the file as virus.bat (you may give it whatever name you choose, but the.bat extension must be included).
4. Running the file now will entirely erase the C disc, and the operating system of the machine will be corrupted.

Making a Non-Hazardous CD-ROM Virus

1. Paste the following code into Notepad and save it as a CD-ROM.
2. When you double-click on this file (*.vbs_), you will be shocked at what this basic, innocuous virus can accomplish. Your CD/DVD drives will be ejected incessantly.

3. To remove this virus, open Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, and terminate the wscript.exe file.

Make a Virus to Evaluate Your Antivirus (fake virus notepad)

1.Paste the given code into Notepad and save the file as “EICAR.COM.

2.”If you have an active antivirus application, this file will be removed in no time. This is a harmless virus that is intended to test the security level of your antivirus.

Virus that prevents someone from accessing the internet

1.This is a non-harmful virus that will not harm your computer. You may fool your buddies with these notepad virus scripts. This malware disables internet access for everyone.
2.Send the file to your pals in.bat format, such as internet.bat. They won’t be able to correct anything because the IP address will be lost. If you want to fix it, that is. IPconfig /renew is the command to use. As a result, this is one of the most entertaining notepad virus pranks.

Creating a Matrix Display
1.It’s not a virus, to be sure. It’s just a basic notepad technique that will allow you to view a random string of green characters. It has nothing to do with your computer’s registry, batch files, or anything like that. You can, however, use this trick to scare your acquaintance because the screen appears to be infected with a virus.
2.Save the file as Matrix.bat, then double-click it to start the show.

Virus that causes the computer to shut down

1.You may also design a virus that causes computers to shut down. This virus is harmless, but it can cause data loss if it shuts down unexpectedly. Here’s how to develop a shutdown virus to play a practical joke on your buddies.

2.  To begin, right-click on your desktop and select “Properties.”

3.  Type shutdown -s -t 60 -c “Virus Detection” in the pop-up box. “The computer is about to turn off.” You can put any value you like instead of 60. It denotes the passage of time in seconds.
4. Next, press the Enter key and type chrome. Or whatever you want to call it.
5. After that, you must change the Shortcut icon to the Google Chrome icon.

Your malware will have the appearance of Google Chrome. You can carry this file on your Pendrive and use it to shut down the computers of your buddies.