How many times there was no chief guest on Rajpath, let’s check out

On Wednesday, India will commemorate 73rd Republic Day with tableaux of various states and courage of Nation’s military. But due to the third wave of Covid19 new variant, We’ll miss several things on this Republic Day.

It is a matter of great sadness for us that this year also we will not be able to see any Chief Guest at Rajpath. But as told by Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take a virtual conference with 5 Central Asian governors as scheduled.

A politician from a Central Asian, speaking on circumstance of facelessness, announced the governors of the 5 states would be incapable to contribute in the Republic Day celebrations officially.
The negotiator expanded that the Central Asian states and India are presently concentrating on a virtual conference of the administration of the 6 countries.

In 2021, India got on forward with Republic Day festivities without a chief guestr because UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson cancelled his presence at the final second due to abrupt spread of a Covid19 strain.

It is incredibly rare for the Republic Day extravaganzas, glimpsed as an elevated degree in the nation’s sensitive chart not to retain a foreign chief guest.

Moreover, In 1966 the celebrations of Republic day didn’t have a chief guest when Indira Gandhi was declared as Prime minister after the demise of Lal Bahadur Shastri. There were furthermore no chief guests present in 1952 and 1953 in Republic Day celebrations.

People who will be authorized at the ceremony on Wednesday at the Rajpath has moreover been lessened.

In spot of the 25,000 visitors at the Republic Day ceremony in 2021, just about 5,000 people will be enabled to glimpse the occasion in individual.

Just vaccinated with two-dose adults and children of age 15 or more who have accepted one dose of COVID-19 vaccination will be enabled to join and children below 15 years will not be authorized to follow the occasion.

There are moreover fascinating expansions this year encompassing the exhibit of painting rolls along the Rajpath and invitation cards for the ceremony retaining seeds of medicinal plants like Amla, Ashwa