Chuck Norris: Why is he trending on Internet?

Chuck Norris is an American martial artist, actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter. After serving in the United States Air Force, Norris won a number of martial arts competitions and later created his own discipline, Chun Kuk Do. Norris is the black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Judo. Shortly afterward, Norris trained celebrities in martial arts in Hollywood. Norris continued to star in a small role in The Wrecking Crew spy movie (1969). Mate and fellow actor Bruce Lee asked him to play one of the major villains in the Dragon’s Way (1972). As Norris kept acting, Steve McQueen, a friend, and student, recommended that he take it seriously.

The legendary action hero Chuck Norris just turned 80. Long live today, Chuck! The actor known for beating any on-screen character who dares to get in his way was born on March 10, 1940. His penchant for causing pain is not unexpected considering that he is a winner in various martial arts tournaments. He also developed a system of martial arts known as Chun Kuk Doo.

Because of his resilience, impudence, and stamina on-screen, funny memes about him still crop up on a daily. The last film of the actor was The Expendables 2, but he’s still kept his fame due to internet jokes. To mark the veteran actor’s birthday, here are some funny memes about him.

  1. The Earth’s Rotation Is Credited To Him Too – Of the solar system and gravity, we know that the earth is spinning and going in orbit around the earth. So what if we were wrong on that? What if all this was because of the unrivaled strength of Chuck Norris’ leg? What if NASA had been lying to us all along.
  2. We Exist At The Mercy Of Chuck Norris – Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution suggests that all living organisms, including humans, live and evolve as a result of environmental conditions and the capacity of terrestrials to survive these factors. Chuck Norris insists it’s incorrect. We only live because he’s allowed us to do it. If he weren’t lenient enough, he’d be the sole inhabitant on the planet.
  3. Even Liam Neeson Shakes At The Sound Of Chuck Norris – Liam Neeson has been one of the most successful action stars of the last two decades. And he’s got a lot of funny memes of his own. The Taken Movies are the icon of phone calls during which Neeson’s character calls the villain and tells them he’s going to track them and kill them.
  4. Wonder Why Batman Fights Crime At Night? – Batman is known all over the country as the watchdog that investigates crime at night. During the day, he’s a billionaire who’s doing his normal business. So why does he choose the night? It’s because he lost a bet with Chuck Norris, according to the same world.
  5. Don’t Make Hulk Angry – In the Marvel comics, nuclear physicist Bruce Banner ended up becoming the Hulk after a Gamma bomb full of radiation had exploded in his presence. Bruce turns into Hulk when he’s mad. Hulk is also said to be one of the strongest superheroes of Marvel.
  6. The Only Thing He Lacks Skills In – Has there ever been such a tough man? Crying isn’t necessarily a form of weakness, but don’t say that to the legendary action star. While other actors usually need stunt doubles for dangerous action scenes, Chuck Norris only needs them for one thing: crying. That’s the only thing he’s not qualified to do.
  7. He Wiped Out Life On Mars – Why is there no life on Mars? Wonder no more than that. Chuck Norris has wiped it out. This may also mean that there is no alien life. So, basically, he’s managed to do a little bit of what Thanos didn’t do. And he didn’t need any infinity stones to do that.