Alec Baldwin’s top movies in Hollywood; an overview

The Ghosts of Mississippi actor, Alec Baldwin who has been quite a popular name both on television  and the theatre, had to deal with quite a great deal of turmoil hours after, he fired a prop gun on the set of the Western film Rust in New Mexico, killing a woman and injuring another in the action. Although a few years back Baldwin made it clear that he wouldn’t make it to the public eye after getting himself involved into a number of squabbles with the media, he made it to the public eye once again last year, and has even been heard to have undertaken two big projects, namely, the “BlacKkKlansman” and the “Mission Impossible: Fallout.”

In this article we will discuss about some of the amazing contributions that he has made towards enriching Hollywood since his emergence.


Directed and written by Nancy Meyers, the film Its Complicated, produced somewhere around 2009 assisted Diane Keaton to bag a huge response from the audience. The film where Baldwin and Merlyn Streep poses as a divorced couple and reconcile with each other, however, the reconciliation prevents Streep to develop a worthy relationship with the character played by Steve Martin.


Baldwin played a number of supporting roles throughout his career. In the film the Working Girl, Baldwin posed as the boyfriend of the lead character and earned an Oscar nomination in1988.


Baldwin being a genuine fan of classic movies appeared in The Aviator beside Martin Scorsese in 2004. He portrayed the character of Juan Trippe in the film which dealt with Howard Hughes’ movie making days as well as his aviation attempts.


This film revealed the doleful tale about the time and the amount of struggle it demanded, before the legal authorities took some substantial action against the criminal who murdered the Black civil rights advocate Medgar Evers. Baldwin played the role of the district attorney who fought against the criminal. The movie happened almost after 30 years after the actual incident in 1996.


Baldwin made his debut in a commercial film for the first time in 1988 through Tim Burton’s, Beetlejuice. The movie revolves around a couple who after meeting with an accident lose their life. But eventually return to haunt their old home and take the assistance of Michael Keaton to scare away the new occupants of their house.



In the film Malice, which released somewhere around 1993, Baldwin played  a leading role of an arrogant surgeon .His remarkable speech where he not only compares a surgeon’s job to God but proclaims he is God is one of the most memorable moments of Baldwin’s career.



Another mentionable film of Baldwin’s is the movie Married to the Mob. . Baldwin performed as Frank “The Cucumber” de Marco, a rising star among the underworld until he engaged in an affair with mob don Dean Stockwell’s wife. Baldwin played a small part in the movie but provided the audience with a great comic gusto. The film released in the year 1988.