Check out the user reviews of the VIVO V21 on Google: Check pros and cons

The brand VIVO is ever-expanding in the Indian smartphone market. Users continue to buy products from brand VIVO. One popular VIVO phone model is the VIVO V21 in the Indian market. Reviews about this phone pour in each day on Google. Today, let’s have a look at these user reviews and find out if this phone is worth buying.

The VIVO V21 is rated 4.2 on Google. A user namely Dhanesh Padmanabhan rated it 4 stars a year ago. He mentioned that it is a decent phone. It is of superior quality with an affordable price. He mentioned that he faced minor issues with this phone and this could have been made better. Another user namely Imran P rated it 4 stars. He mentioned that it is a very nice phone, especially its battery. He added that although the battery is 4000 mAh, it is amazing.

Other users rated it 3 stars. A user namely Shamshad mentioned that the mobile’s front camera, look and display is good. However, he complained about its performance and wrote about its lags. Another user namely LxBastab Das mentioned that the camera of the VIVO V21 is the best. He added that the processor is not good. Rest everything is fine.

A few users rated it as low as 1 or 2 stars. A user namely Ps Kahlon mentioned that it is a very bad and useless phone. It is ridiculous after every update. Another user named Pankaj Kumar mentioned that he cannot switch to main screen when someone calls. He added that the software is pathetic.

Overall, the reviews are fine and you can give this phone a try.

The price of this phone is INR 32,990. The deal price is INR 27,990 only on VIVO’s official website.


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