A useful guide to buying Apple iPhone 5G phones in India

In this article we are going to talk about a detailed introduction to Apple 5G iPhones, their features, and cost in India

India is accepting 5G and related developments with open arms. This has led to the growing demand and popularity of Apple iPhones in India. With the help of this guide, you will be able to navigate your way and decide which Apple 5G iPhone you should buy.

At a time when every other manufacturer is releasing 5G models, Apple is looking forward to attracting the Indian middle-class to its 5G iPhones. Here are the top picks for Apple 5G iPhones by us.

Top five picks: Apple 5G iPhones

1. iPhone 14

Along with an option of storage facility up to 128 GB, Apple iPhone 14 also has a 6.1-inch Super Retina panel. It is supposed to have improved battery life. It also has Dolby Vision Support.

Price: ₹ 89,900 (on Amazon)

2. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has enhanced performance as well as the ability to charge faster. It has a 6.7 Super Retina LED panel. This iPhone has support for HDR10.

Price: ₹ 1,29,000 (on Amazon)

3. iPhone 14 Plus

It has a larger pro-like screen which is an upgrade from the regular iPhone 14. iPhone 14 Plus has improved battery life. It is equipped with SL 3D / biometrics sensor. This iPhone also has storage capacity of 256 GB.

Price: ₹ 99,900(on Amazon)

4. Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Apple iPhone 13 Mini is a lightweight design. It has improved battery life as compared to iPhone 12 mini. This iPhone has 5.4 Super Retina XDR OLED screen.

Price: Currently unavailable (on Amazon)

5. Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 is equipped with 12 MP front as well as rear camera. It is said to have outstanding performance with good storage facilities. Unfortunately, there is no charger provided with the iPhone as is the case with other iPhones by Apple.

Price: Currently unavailable (on Amazon)


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