YouTube Go to be phased out in August

YouTube Go is no longer considered necessary. YouTube announced that the Go app would be discontinued “beginning in August.” YouTube Go was first announced in 2016 as a lightweight Android app designed for low-end hardware and limited cellular connectivity.

The main YouTube app is the intended replacement, though the website is also mentioned, as Google has made various improvements to the primary client in recent years. And, more are coming.

As such, a dedicated app is no longer needed, especially a Go client that lacked the “ability to comment, post, create content, and use dark theme.” Indeed, YouTube Go was last updated in October 2021, indicating that the writing was on the wall. It now has over 500 million installations.

Android phone specifications have improved significantly in the last six years. As a developer with a large global audience to consider, YouTube’s discovery that it no longer requires a basic version of its app is a good thing for the platform.

However, it raises concerns about the state of Android Go and its future relevance. In the short term, Android 12 (Go edition) was announced in December as bringing a UI redesign, faster app launch times, guest access, and other features. Google (Search), Assistant, Maps, Navigation, Gmail, and Gallery are the remaining Go variants.