Why was the cloud flare down?

A sudden disruption in Cloudflare took many websites down for around half an hour.

Several companies across the globe were interrupted amid this technical glitch. However, it was solved by Cloudflare later.

How did Cloudflare break down?

Cloudflare is a famous Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is used by numerous companies across the world.

Today, the company faced an incident which had a huge impact on many companies and affected many data plane services in its network and resulted in 500 errors, says CDN.

However, Cloudflare clarified the issue that, ‘a ‘critical P0 incident’ was declared at 06:34 AM UTC (12:04 pm IST) that disrupted Cloudflare’s network in broad regions.’

Read out the Tweet :

Henceforth, the customers who attempted to reach cloud flare sites observed 500 errors because of network breakdown.

The following companies like Canva, Discord, Streamyard and many other companies faced this technical disruption.

However, numerous people complained about the same issue but the company immediately showed up for fixing the issue.

The CDN company quickly acknowledged the problem via tweet and confirmed to resolve the issue as soon as possible..


However, the issue is been resolved for all the companies which experienced the technical glitch.