Splitting up of a bill made easier with the Tab App

While going out and hanging out with friends is all fun and cool, when it comes to sharing the bill at a restaurant there’s always a fuss. In every group of friends, there are some people who want it to be shared fairly, based on the number of items they have had, while many spilt it equally, which on the other hand isn’t fair for people who chose to eat a salad instead of chicken. To ease the mess it may create, an application named Tab app has been launched.

The Tab app’s sole function is to distribute meal costs among numerous people. This is how the tab app works. Once the app is downloaded, one volunteer offers to pay with cash or a credit card. They then take a picture of the bill and upload it to the app for an itemized version. The group at the top of this itemized list receives a code from the person in charge of the bill. Anyone who wants to join the bill can do so by selecting “Join Bill” from the home screen and entering the code that appears, regardless of whether they have an account.

Each participant then decides on a nickname before reviewing the itemized bill and deciding what to get. If a dish needs to be shared by numerous individuals, like an appetizer, the Tab app enables multiple users to choose the same item. Once everyone has finished selecting their items, the software will calculate what each customer pays after tax and tip. The individual handling the bill has the discretion to change the tip at any time.

This meal-splitting app has surely made going out with friends and having fun even way more exciting, with no mess.