OURA, The first birth control app to get FDA approval announced their partnership with Natural Cycles

The smart ring offers individualized health data, insights, daily coaching, and natural cycles through the company called OURA. The first birth control app to get FDA approval, revealed their partnership today. In order to follow their temperature trends automatically while they sleep rather than taking their temperature manually with an oral thermometer when they wake up, Users of Natural Cycles will soon be able to sync data on temperature trends directly from their Oura Ring.

Natural Cycles analyses days that are red (fertile) or green (not fertile) with the help of other crucial fertility indicators and scientifically confirmed hormone-driven temperature patterns in order to assist women in naturally planning for or avoiding pregnancy. For Natural Cycles to obtain temperature data in the past, users had to manually take their temperature each morning.

The requirements of reproductive health have long been unmet by medicine, research, and technology, but recent scientific advancements are largely attributable to organizations like Natural Cycles and URA. When the FDA authorized Natural Cycles as the first contraceptive app in 2018, birth control history was made. The company has now moved further by utilizing temperature trend data from the Oura Ring, providing women with a cutting-edge and hassle-free experience to plan or avoid pregnancy without hormones.

The temperature sensors in the Oura Ring generate 1,440 data points each day and are certified to measure temperature changes with a precision of 0.13°C (0.23°F). In order to account for nights with elevated heart rates and, consequently, elevated temperatures that may be brought on by changes in lifestyle, such as heavy alcohol consumption, rather than changes in the menstrual cycle, the Natural Cycles algorithm uses temperature trend data as well as heart rate data from the Oura Ring.

In addition to cycle insights, the Oura Ring assesses and rates sleep quality based on the body’s vital signs, the length of time spent in each stage of sleep, and other factors. To keep track of their daily activity and recovery times, members can use the Daytime Heart Rate, Workout Heart Rate, and Automatic Activity Detection tools. These personalized health records are then distilled into Sleep, Activity, and Readiness Scores, which are presented alongside insights and individualized guidance to help paint a complete picture of health.

When in OURA Mode, users of the Natural Cycles app with an Oura Ring can begin synchronizing their OURA data.