Google bans call recording apps from PlayStore

In order to improve user safety and privacy, Google is prohibiting all third-party call recording apps from being listed on the Play Store. This is part of its Google Play Store Policy, which will go into effect on May 12, according to reports.

The search engine giant will prohibit third-party apps from using Android’s accessibility API (Application Programming Interface), which they use for call recording, under the new policy.

According to reports, these changes are aimed at improving privacy and security, as call recording laws vary widely around the world. The change will not affect system or pre-installed apps that already have access to the Accessibility API.

This is part of Google’s effort to crack down on apps that use accessibility APIs for non-accessibility reasons. Accessibility APIs are the only way for third-party apps to record calls on Android.

It is speculated that one of the major reasons could be the disparities in call recording laws between countries.