Cyber-secure your computer with this DNS-based ad blocker

Advertising is becoming more invasive disrupting your experience of the internet. There is still a way you can get your job done quickly not being annoyed by obstructive advertisements. A two-year subscription to Control-D ensures to give you a web experience just as you like, no matter where you are.

Control D is a fully customized DNS service with proxy facilities. It doesn’t only block ads rather it can also let you browse faster by blocking the tracking and ad codes to let you have a clear content experience. It can also enhance your productivity by creating a schedule. Control D also gives you the feature to change your external IP address with a flip of a switch with no VPN attached. It can also let you bypass any kind of geoblocks to increase accessibility. It also provides an in-build malware scanner to keep you cyber-secure.

Control D is ideal for people who are less tech-savvy and wants every facility in one application. There are 15 blocking categories so you can remove distractions and experience smooth content. All of its features are customizable which provides you freedom of choice.

A Control D two-year subscription filters annoyance for only $30.37% off the $$8 MSRP.