A brief guide on face swapping apps and their features

Face swap apps are a branch of apps specialised in editing photos of people by adding effects, or merging two photos together and even attaching a different face on an original picture. Face swapping apps allow its patrons to enhance the quality of their photographs without any hindrance. The play store has a number of face swapping apps, but among them, a few are really proficient. Today we are going to direct our attention towards some of those apps.

    1. Face App: When talking about face swapping apps, the very first mention should be made of The Face App which won a million of hearts last year when it introduced an aging filter. Besides this, the app also has multiple other benefits. Such as it can change a neutral picture by adding a smile or changing the hair colour or making it look older or younger. All in all, this is a great app for anyone who wants to edit their picture and give it an authentic touch. But some of the features of this app are only available in its Pro version.
    2. B612: Secondly, mention should be made of the photo editing app B612. This is an amazing app which allows the user to take vibrant selfies and has a wide range of effects to choose from. However this app consumes a huge space and consumes a lot of energy, reducing the efficiency of the device.
    3. Reface App: Then we have the Reface App. This app employs the complex system of artificial intelligence to perform the face swapping function. Through this app an individual can swap faces with the famous celebrities and can even use this feature to develop GIFs with their own faces in place of the celebrities. The only disadvantage is that the final products actually come with a watermark of the name of this app.
    4. Snapchat: Snapchat also occupies an influential position among the face swapping apps because of its multiple effects and its face swapping feature. It allows a user to swap face with anyone in real time and even allows the same for any previously captured photo. The new baby face effect of Snapchat has really attracted the attention of a lion’s share of millennials shortly after its release.
    5. Cupace: Another notable face swap app is Cupace. By using this app anybody can extract a face from an image and paste it on any picture. This app automatically stores the extracted images and allows the user to use them in various places.
    6. Face Swap by Microsoft: Face Swap by Microsoft is an automatic face swapping app that is very easy to use. It needs a person to simply take a selfies and find a picture of any celebrity according to his choice and the rest of the task is done automatically by the app itself. This app allows the user to swap multiple faces but the results might not be that attractive
    7. MSQRD: MSQRD is an unique face swapping app that enables a user to swap faces with animals. Through this app a person can even swap faces on a video and go live on Face book with the mask of an animal. Apart from Facebook, photos and videos edited on this app can be shared on any social media platform.
    8. Faceplay: Faceplay is an app that allows the user to superimpose their face on videos. The adeptness of this app is quite commendable in this field however this app provides a three day trial and the user has to pay a certain amount for enjoying the features of the app after the completion of the trial period.

Face swapping apps provide the avid social media users with a good dose of fun and humour on a daily basis. However, in recent times, an overuse of these apps has led to certain serious consequences among the teenagers, all around the world.  So it is very vital that we utilise these apps while understanding their limitations and dangers.